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Custom coil assembly

Custom Turn Key Coil Assembly

HBR Industries’ coil making capabilities include the creation of custom coil assemblies, as our customers’ designs dictate. We can manufacture and assemble most any frames, fixturing, or other components that your custom coils need, to deliver complete, ready-to-use products.

Coil Assembly to Meet Your Requirements

We create custom coil assemblies to match our customers’ exact design specifications. We work with any materials your design may require, including high-end plastics such as Vespel, Ultem, and Peek, as well as aluminum and other metals. The HBR team will work with you to determine the best material for your unique application. We have the resources for turnkey manufacturing of complete assemblies, or we can work with customer-supplied materials.

At HBR, we understand the need for critical controls in components like coils and coil assemblies. Our manufacturing processes enable us to create products that meet your unique requirements, no matter how complex. We have implemented a QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM to insure the highest quality product(s) and services are consistently being provided starting from materials, concept, production, to final check.

Manufacturing custom coils and custom coil assemblies as a single product ensures perfect component compatibility. By producing complete assemblies, we reduce the possibility of mishandling or damage in transit, and save you valuable time and money in production.

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