Stainless Steel Tube Coiling

Stainless Steel Tube

Stainless Steel Tube Coiling

Raw Stainless Steel Tube

Raw Stainless Steel Tube

HBR Industries produces stainless steel tube coils to meet the needs of any customer application. Our technical capabilities and years of experience enable us to provide custom stainless steel tube coiling that matches the exact specifications of any customer’s designs.

Stainless steel tube coils are ideal for use in potentially corrosive environments and for transferring liquids and gases for cooling, heating, and other purposes. From gas manifolds and plumbing to solar energy and medical equipment, HBR’s stainless steel tube coils are effective in a wide range of applications. We are the experts in stainless steel tube coiling, and can provide the perfect stainless steel tube coil for your needs, no matter how simple or complex your design may be.

Custom Stainless Steel Coils Made to Your Specifications

HBR works with raw stainless steel tube up to 1/2” in diameter, and can produce bends and coils within or beyond the design tolerances of the tubing itself. All common grades and alloys of stainless steel can be used in coil production, and we can assist you in selecting and obtaining the ideal material for your application. No matter what your design requires, we have the capabilities to produce the perfect stainless steel tubing and stainless steel coils for your unique needs.

We Provide Additional Stainless Steel Tube and Coil Services

HBR Industries offers a variety of additional services to add value to our stainless steel tube and stainless steel coils. We can provide machining, assembly, soldering, and more to help streamline your overall production process and save you time and money.

We pride ourselves on our clean production and handling practices. We realize the value of cleanliness when working with stainless steel or any material, and we do everything in our power to prevent dirt, grease, and incidental etching from affecting your finished products.

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