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Custom Copper Coils

Copper coils are extremely versatile and are used by industries throughout the world for heating (induction) and cooling, Radio-Frequency (RF), and many more. Custom copper coils are commonly utilized within RF or RF-Match applications where copper tubing and copper wire are required to transmit liquids, air, or other media to cool or help induce energy of various types of equipment.


HBR Industries is your trusted source for custom coils. We value all our customers and will work with you to create custom metal coils that are designed to your project’s exact specifications.  Our Short-Production Run(s) and test fit prototyping custom copper coils are created with the materials required from your coil design information.  Thus, our custom coils are created using various form of copper, such as copper tube, copper rods/bars and copper wires AWG 2-42. When you work with HBR, you can count on receiving exceptional customer support both during the quoting process and after you complete your purchase.

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Advantages of Custom Copper Coils

Copper is considered to be the most highly-rated thermal and electrical conductor compared to other metals.  Thus, using copper coils are the central source of energy for larger machine infrastructures and in product designs. These coils are extremely efficient and reliable.  The outstanding benefits that custom copper coils provide includes the following:

  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Long-lasting
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Anti-microbial
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easily formed into a shape
  • Reusable and recyclable

Custom Copper Wire Coils & Tubes for Any Application

HBR Industries, Inc. has the experience and the expertise to produce copper tube coils and copper wire coils for all types of applications. Copper is the preferred material for RF coils, cooling coils, induction coils and many other coil applications. We specialize in non-standard shapes and unique designs and work hard to ensure that the coils we manufacture meet your unique specifications. No matter what your application, we will work with you to create your copper coil design(s) into a tangible coil product that will meet or exceed your project requirements.

Tube & Wiring Sizing Options

We commonly work with AWG 2-42 sizes of copper wire, and copper tubing from 0.125” to 1.25” OD. HBR’s coil bending capabilities allow us to create copper coils that work with design tolerances of the material. The extent of our copper coil manufacturing capabilities is nearly unlimited, and we welcome any challenge that your designs may present. Contact us to discuss your copper coil needs!


Custom Coil Manufacturing Options

We work with all grades of copper as well as several alloys.  HBR will advise you if we think that a particular design will have an undesirable outcome such as crushing in the bend of the coils.  Some of the common types of copper tube coil include:

Copper Coil Grades

  • Type K: Has a thick wall that withstands high pressure. Commonly used for cooling/heating, solar, fire protection, domestic water distribution, fuel/oil, compressed air, and natural gas.
  • Type L: Is thinner than Type K but still durable and used for the same applications.
  • Type M: Has a thinner wall than Type K & L. Applications include domestic water, fuel/fuel oil, cooling/heating, fire protection, and solar.
  • DWV: Applications include cooling/heating and solar
  • ACR: Used in AC, refrigeration, natural gas, and compressed air applications.

Value Added Secondary Coil Services

HBR offers several secondary services to give added value to your copper tube coils or copper wire coils. We can have your coils plated in silver, gold, electrolytic nickel or other specialty materials. Our strategic partnerships allow us to provide machining and other services to add value to your design. Interested in streamlining your production line?  Our team of Mechanical Assemblers will turnkey your project and ship it directly to you with minimal human contact!

Clean Production Facilities

The team at HBR understands the importance of cleanliness in working with copper or any material, and we take great pride in our clean production and handling practices. We do our best to take dirt, grease, oil, and any outside elements out of the equation and deliver finished products of superior cleanliness and quality.

Custom Built Prototypes from Your Design Specs

We are a small business specializing in prototypes, and low volume runs of copper tube coils, copper wire coils, and a broad range of other custom coils and assemblies. Working from your design specs, we create custom copper tube coil , wire coils and bar/rod coils that meet your requirements.

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