Tube Bending


Tube Winding

Custom Metal Tube Bending & Winding Services

Custom metal tube bending, and tube fabrication services require advanced precision and extreme attention to detail to achieve the desired curve or bend without causing the tube to collapse or crush inward. Tube bending metal fabrication services providing solutions for your custom coil project needs.

At HBR Industries, our expert craftsmen have been winding and bending metal tubing of various materials and sizes for over four decades. Our custom copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and specialty metal coil tube fabrication specialist will work with you to achieve your project specification requirements.

Precision Tube Bending Prototypes & Short-Run Productions

HBR Industries, Inc. offers precision metal alloy tube bending and winding services to create custom parts and products that match your exact specifications. We work with Copper tubing from 0.125” to 1.25” OD, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel 304 & 316 tubing up to size 1/2” OD. Our experts can produce precision bends with much smaller dimensions than traditional tube fabrication dimensional call-outs. Some of the unique dynamics we can achieve using our custom tube winding and bending services include:

  • Tight bend radii
  • Exemplary pitches
  • Specialty diameters

Custom Tube Coil Material Options

We work with both round and square, depending on material types.

The materials available for bent tubing projects include:

Custom Metal Alloy Bending Tesla Case Study

In addition to complete turnkey production runs, we create bent metal alloy tubing prototypes to test fit, form, and function, as well as one-off pieces for specialized applications. Read our Tesla Motors Case Study to see how we helped this high-end luxury automotive manufacturer solve a unique challenge with our custom metal alloy bending and winding metal-tube fabrication capabilities.

Contract Manufacturing for Tube Fabrication

Our contract manufacturing offers the peace of mind that your project will be handled with the utmost care and urgency to guarantee a quick turnaround on YOUR metal alloy tube winding and metal alloy bending projects without sacrificing quality. Send us a quote request with your design specifications, or contact our experts for more information about our pricing and processes TODAY!


Time-Tested Contract Manufacturing for Coil Projects

Since 1979, HBR has turned customers’ designs into tangible products. We have the in-house fixturing capabilities and strategic partnerships with area machine shops and vendors to create more complex tooling as needed. Whether your product requires just a few simple turns or dozens of complex angles, we can match your coil tube fabrication design’s tight tolerances.

Our contract manufacturing of prototype(s) and short production run capabilities means you get customized, one-on-one support through each stage of your coiled metal alloy project.

No matter the complexity of the design or how tight the tolerances may be, HBR Industries, Inc. welcomes your project’s challenges.


Tube Bending vs. Tube Winding for Metal Alloy Coils

Custom Metal Alloy Coil Tube Bending

Custom metal alloy tube bending involves creating bends at any angle and on any axis in one or more places, as in the top photo (at right). A custom-bent metal alloy tube may include a single 90° bend at the center, a 35° bend to the left at one end, a 45° bend to the right at the other, or a half-dozen bends of various degrees at various points along its length. Most custom-bent metal alloy tubes require simple bends/angles; HBR can work with extreme or intricate bends to meet nearly any requirements.

Custom Metal Alloy Coil Tube Winding

Custom metal alloy tube winding involves winding the metal alloy tube in a continuous loop, with one coil atop the next, to create a spring-like shape (with or without spacing), as in the bottom photo (at right). In most cases, a tube is wound into a circular profile, but we can also create square profiles or other bent metal alloy tubing shapes, as your designs require.

What’s the Difference Between Metal Alloy Tubes & Metal Alloy Rods?

Metal Alloy Tubes

Metal alloy tubing is used for various functions, including fluid or gas flow, induction, RF Match, structural applications, and even medical uses. We work with metal alloy tubing in multiple diameters, lengths, and shapes, including round, oval, square, and rectangular. Your metal alloy tubes can be finished, coated, or plated for added strength or protection.

Metal Alloy Rods/Bars

Metal Alloy rods come in many shapes, including round, rectangular, square, hexagonal, and other solid forms without any machined holes.  Some of the rod types that we work with include:

Contact Us for Precision Coil Tube Bending & Winding Services Today

HBR Industries, Inc. will work with you to create the best solution for your application. There are almost no limits to our custom metal alloy tube bending and metal alloy tube winding capabilities. Request a quote on YOUR custom bent metal alloy tube project TODAY, or contact us to discuss your design specifications.