Case Study: Texas State University

Custom Cooling Coils for Biomedical Research

In December 2018, the Material Science, Engineering and Commercialization Program within the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Texas State University contacted HBR to request a quote on a custom copper coil. The program/department was in need of a coil to fit perfectly into a piece of an equipment being used in a research study on polymeric nanoparticle fabrication for the use in biomedical, biotechnology, agricultural, and environmental applications. Having a correct coil was critical, thus, HBR was contacted to review the coil design and manufacture the crucial custom coil piece for optimal success of the project.

HBR Industries, Inc.: Exceptional Customer Support

HBR responded timely to the request and assisted by reviewing the coil design with utmost respect and sharing what the client may expect from the partnership.   The delicate details of the custom coil for this exceptional research project meant HBR’s expert custom coil manufacturing capabilities were in need.  Our many years of experience in custom coil winding and bending provided the peace of mind the client was looking for to ensure the successful manufacturing of their ideal coil.  The benefit of HBR’s extensive list of vendors also provided the highest quality materials and a greater chance of a successful project. To go above and beyond to assist our clients is our norm.  Thus, HBR was consistently in communication with the client from the beginning of the request for quote to the success of the project.

Once the funding for this innovating and extraordinary research project was approved; the study was accepted in May of 2020 and published in the MDPI Journal in July of that same year. The researcher participants gave a special acknowledgement to HBR Industries, Inc. in the published journal for providing the custom copper coil used in the research project. HBR additionally received an email from one of the participating researchers after the study was published to acknowledge and thank HBR Industries, Inc. for the outstanding customer service and assistance.

HBR Industries, Inc would like to thank the all the individuals that are involved with this project in the Material Science, Engineering and Commercialization Program within the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Texas State University, San Marcos for giving us the chance to be part of this exciting research.  Congratulations again, on your project’s monumental success and getting published in the MDPI Journal!

We appreciate all of our customers, whether they request one custom coil or a dozen. When you work with HBR, you can count on receiving exceptional customer support both during the quoting process and after you complete your purchase.  Our customers’ success is our success!

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