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HBR Industries,Inc. manufactures brass connectors for use with our coiled tubes. Our technical capabilities and years of experience enable us to provide custom connectors, improve electrical conductivity and offer exceptional durability. We have the capabilities to create brass connectors to meet the needs of any customer application.


Brass is a more durable material than copper and other common coil tube materials. As such, we can machine brass parts and components to match even the most extreme tolerances. From 1/8” thick brass plates to 1” square brass blocks and more, HBR can manufacture any connector components our customers require.

We work with all commercial & military grades of brass, and can assist you in choosing and locating the perfect brass material for your application. We understand the design requirements and limitations that engineers have to work with, no matter the industry, and we offer a wide range of secondary services to add value to our finished products. We offer assembly and additional machining services; plating using silver, gold, electrolytic nickel and a number of other process services. No matter what your application requires, HBR welcomes the challenge of turning your designs into reality.


At HBR Industries,Inc., we know the importance of cleanliness when working with brass or any material. We pride ourselves on our clean production and handling practices, and we do everything we can to ensure that dirt, oil, grease, and incidental etching do not affect the quality of our completed coil tubes and other components.

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