Environmental Power Coils & Coil Tubes

HBR Industries,Inc. offers exceptional custom coil manufacturing expertise and years of experience for environmental industry applications. We continue to expand our stake in this ever-growing industry, and welcome the challenges that projects in this sector present.


Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to meet the tight tolerances and exact specifications of any coil design. The same discipline and attention to detail that goes into every one of HBR’s products helps us create superior coil tubes, power coils, and other coil solutions for the environmental industry. We work with a broad range of standard, specialized and high-end materials, as designs require, and do coil work by hand for complex and/or delicate designs.

All of our coil solutions are completely tailored to the needs of our customers—no matter what a design requires, we can turn it into a tangible product.

HBR’s facility is fully RoHS-compliant. We maintain a “green” workplace by recycling our scrap materials and other waste products. In addition to helping the environment, our recycling practices also help lower production costs, generating savings that we pass on our customers.

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