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Custom RF Coil Inductor Manufacturing

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is HBR Industries, Inc. located?
HBR Industries, Inc. is located in San Jose, California. Our centralized location in the heart of Silicon Valley makes it an easy driving distance to key electronics vendors and businesses.
How big is HBR’s manufacturing facility?
HBR Industries, Inc. operates a clean, modern facility with 5,000 square feet of manufacturing space available for all your custom RF Coil Inductors/ Tube Prototyping and/ or Short Run Production needs. If a project requires more space, additional 2,400 square feet is readily available for immediate use.
What does HBR Industries, Inc. outsource?
Like all manufacturing companies, we do have a number of vendors that we work with when the need arises. We pride ourselves on maintaining strong relationships with world-class vendors throughout San Jose, Silicon Valley and beyond. We have established an outstanding Supply Chain/ Procurement methodology to insure all of our clients are provided with the highest quality product(s).
How does HBR Industries, Inc. maintain quality control?
We have an outstanding Quality Management System implementation that assures our customers that HBR Industires, Inc provides the highest quality product(s) and service(s) to meet all of our customers' exact requirements across the full life cycle of all projects; from materials, concepts, production to final check.
What size tube does HBR work with?
We work with various sizes of tubes and materials from 0.125” OD to 1.25” OD. If you need a specialized size or have unique requirements feel free to contact us for availability and what HBR can do for you.
Does HBR Industries, Inc. provide samples?
HBR does not provide free samples but will furnish a First Article upon request at a separate charge. This includes all documentation.
What method(s) does HBR Industries, Inc. use for bonding?
HBR Industries, Inc. can accommodate BOTH Brazing and Soldering methods upon the customer's request.
What are HBR Industries, Inc.'s terms for new customers?
Our policy for first-time customers is COD. Terms for existing customers are net 30. We do not offer discounts on terms.
Does HBR Industries, Inc. accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards.
What are the benefits of using kitting and assembly services from HBR Industries Inc?
Shipping Mistakes are Reduced with HBR's Service. The chance of error goes down when items are shipped in kits. Furthermore, weighing and labeling individual Coils is eliminated, making it possible to pre-print the shipping labels. Each eliminated step eliminates potential errors.Packaging your Custom Coils is efficient and cost-effective. When kits are packaged 9 times out of 10 postal costs are reduced, when using a customized size and weight box.We will fulfill orders faster and for Way less. When products are assembled in bulk, order fulfillment becomes quick and pick/pack costs are reduced as each kit is counted as one product.

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