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Turning Customer Designs Into Tangible Custom Wound Coil Products

HBR Industries, Inc. provides manufacturing services for companies in need of prototypes and low-volume production runs. We produce custom wound coils, custom coil assemblies and custom transformers based on client's required spec for all applications and industries. With an in-house (fixturing) machine shop, a clean, modern manufacturing facility, and a convenient location close to the rich resources of Silicon Valley, HBR is the premier choice for custom coil solutions.

Industries Served

Medical Industry
Environmental Industry
Aerospace Industry
Military Industry
Semiconductor Industry

Full-Service Coil Manufacturer

At HBR, you’ll find a motivated, experienced staff with the skills to handle any project. Whether you have only a basic concept in mind or a complete RF coil design, we have the resources and the know-how to turn it into a tangible product. We welcome the challenges that customer designs present—our team is here to make your custom wound coil design work!

Procuring the Materials You Need

For many engineers, getting the right material for a coil design is a time-consuming, unwelcome task. HBR takes this burden of “chasing parts” off our clients’ shoulders by sourcing and procuring the required components, thus freeing up the engineer to concentrate more on their design projects.


Commitment to Excellence

We pride ourselves on the quality of our finished products and our unparalleled service. We work to reduce customer costs without sacrificing quality, and have the manufacturing capabilities to meet even the tightest of deadlines. HBR is a dedicated partner for the life of your project, providing custom coil making solutions that match your exact specifications.

Request a quote for custom coils, custom coil assemblies, tube bending or any of our other services you need. Or, contact HBR Industries, Inc. today to learn more.

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