Turnkey Custom Coil Manufacturing Solutions

Copper Coil Winding and Custom Tube Bending

HBR Industries, Inc. provides manufacturing services for companies in need of prototypes and low-volume production runs. We were founded in the heart of Silicon Valley in 1979 and are now one of the leading manufacturers of custom wound coil products such as air coils to bobbin coils, and many other types of coils.

There are almost no limits to our manufacturing capabilities, and we encourage our customers to present us with their most complex design challenges. Our experienced team has provided solutions for a broad spectrum of problems and can turn most designs into a tangible product. Contact us via email or simply pick up a phone if you have any questions.


We produce custom wound coils, custom coil assemblies and custom transformers based on client's required spec for all applications and industries. Whether you need electromagnetic coils or custom components for semiconductor manufacturing, we can help. Our services also include inventory management and kitting and assembly, providing you with full-service solutions that help streamline order fulfillment and reduce shipping errors.

With an in-house (fixturing) machine shop, a clean, modern manufacturing facility, and a convenient location close to the rich resources of Silicon Valley, HBR is the premier choice for custom coil solutions. Request a quote for your coil project/ prototype, or contact us to learn more about our other custom coiling and bending services.

Industries Served

For over 40 years, we have worked with engineers across a diverse range of industries to deliver custom copper cooling/heating coils and other wound coil products. We produce electromagnetic coils for motors, generators, transformers, and other electrical devices. Our copper coils, stainless steel coils, and other coils are also used in heating and cooling applications that require durable; corrosion-resistant materials. HBR is dedicated to delivering quality products and will take on any challenge you present, regardless of the industry, material, or application.


Custom Tube/Bar Bending Capabilities


Our capabilities include custom tube/bar bending and winding, wire winding and bending, and custom coil assemblies for customers across industries ranging from environmental to semiconductor. We manufacture custom parts with precision with unparalleled quality and have the expertise to match even the most complex designs.

HBR also offers inventory management and in-house kitting and assembly services to meet a variety of needs. Our services help you save time and money on production and help you reduce overall costs.

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Full-Service Coiling and Bending Manufacturer


At HBR, you’ll find a motivated, experienced staff with the skills to handle any project. Whether you have only a basic concept in mind or a complete RF coil design, we have the resources and the know-how to turn it into a tangible product. Examples of custom and specialty coils we produce include electromagnetic coils, RF coils, Induction coils, heating coils, cooling coils, toroid coils, bobbin wound coils, air coils, and flat wire coils.

With a focus on low-volume production runs and prototypes for unique and specialized projects, our team has the expertise to handle non-standard shapes and intricate designs other manufacturers often shy away from. We welcome the challenges that customer designs present whether its odd shapes, close tolerances, or unique designs—our team is here to make your custom wound coil design work!

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Procuring the Coil Materials You Need


For many engineers, getting the right material for a coil design is a time-consuming, unwelcome task. HBR takes this burden of “chasing parts” off our clients’ shoulders by sourcing and procuring the required components, thus freeing up the engineer to concentrate more on their design projects.

After reviewing your design and discussing the application, our team will procure the coil material that is required for your project. We work with wire sizes from 2 to 42 AWG and tube sizes from 1/8” to 1-1/4”. Available coil materials include stainless steel, copper, and other various alloys. Whatever material you need, we will do our best to make it work within your project’s budget.

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Commitment to Excellence

We pride ourselves on the quality of our finished products and our unparalleled service. We work to reduce customer costs without sacrificing quality, and have the manufacturing capabilities to meet even the tightest of deadlines. HBR is a dedicated partner for the life of your project, providing custom coil making solutions that match your exact specifications.

Request a quote for custom coils, custom coil assemblies, tube bending or any of our other services you need. Or, contact HBR Industries, Inc. today to learn more.

About HBR Industries

HBR Industries, Inc. is a Veteran-Owned Small Business that was founded in the heart of the Silicon Valley in 1979, evolving through the years to become one of the leading tube bending companies and coil winding specialists in the valley.

HBR encourages our clients to think differently. There are almost no limits to our manufacturing capabilities, and we welcome the challenge of working with even the most complex designs. We specialize in small production runs and fast prototypes, and our prime location gives us access to a world-class supplier base for exceptional vendor selection and supply chain management. Our team is ready to work with you to create the perfect coil solution for your needs. Read more about our company history or download our line card.

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