Bobbin Wound Conductor


Bobbin Wound Conductor

High-Quality Bobbin Wound Coils

HBR Industries, Inc. manufactures bobbin wound coils of exceptional quality and precision. Our superb manufacturing capabilities enable us to create coils that match each customer’s unique designs and consistently exceed expectations.

Working from customer design specs, we utilize present-day manufacturing tools and engineering practices to produce bobbin wound coils that deliver superior performance. HBR works with a number of materials and wire types, including litz, braided, and various nonstandard wires, giving us options to create the perfect custom coil for your needs. We also supply coil bobbins in any material you require.

Wide Range for Custom Bobbin Wound Coils

HBR's bobbin wound coils are effective for a wide range of uses. From transformers to ham radios and countless applications in between, our coils are custom manufactured to meet the needs of our customers’ designs.Working with wire and tube materials in sizes from 1/8” to 1-1/4”, we can create custom coils with unusual or nonstandard shapes, close tolerances, and other unique characteristics, as your design requires.

HBR specializes in turning customer designs into tangible products. We focus on low-volume production runs and prototypes, and we take pride in our quick turnarounds and the exceptional quality of our products. We have the knowledge and the experience to broker solutions for manufacturing bobbin wound coils that will deliver optimum performance in your application, while keeping costs to a minimum.

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