Problems We Solve

At HBR Industries, Inc. we have the experience and the expertise to provide solutions to a broad spectrum of problems. With our high precision custom coil winding and tube bending capabilities, we can produce unique parts and components that match your exact requirements, or recreate OEM parts that are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere.

Customers from a wide range of industries turn to HBR for their difficult coil winding and tube bending projects. From Tesla Motors to Applied Materials/Varian, we work with some of the world’s most innovative companies. We can accurately and efficiently work with nearly any material, and can turn any design into a tangible product.

We maintain close relationships with our vendors and numerous outside contacts, leveraging their knowledge as needed to develop new solutions. If we come across a nut that’s especially hard to crack, “we know a guy.”

Request a quote for your project, or contact HBR Industries,Inc. for more information. Some of the problems we’ve solved include:

Tesla Motors

When they needed a highly specialized replacement part for a piece of their assembly line equipment, Tesla Motors turned to HBR. Read more.

Other Custom Solutions

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

A leading provider of semiconductor and silicon wafer manufacturing equipment contacted HBR for a unique part. Their design called for a small-diameter round tube, formed into a coiled rectangular shape, with a number of difficult turns extending outward from the coil. We worked with an outside source to create custom tooling and to produce the necessary fixture via 3D printing. That custom tooling, along with our extensive know-how, enable us to manufacture a custom coiled tube that matched the client’s design exactly. As the part was going to be used in an RF energy device, we also provided silver plating, per customer specifications.

Prototype High-Efficiency Electric Motor

An independent inventor developed a concept to improve the efficiency of an electric motor, intended for use in computer server farms. HBR provided a bobbin wound coil that was customized to the inventor’s needs. The wire material, the core material, the number of coils, and other factors all matched the exact specifications of his one-of-a-kind design. The custom coil performed just as the inventor intended.

Prototype RF-Energy Clothes Dryer

An R&D team working on an innovative idea for a clothes dryer approached HBR for a custom flat wire coil. Their prototype device uses RF energy instead of heat to dry clothes; their design uses less energy, and won’t burn, shrink, or otherwise overheat clothes, and the RF drying process helps fabric last longer. We were able to quickly and easily manufacture a flat wire coil that matched their unique specifications.

A useful (in this case) side effect of the structure of wire coils is their inherent stretchiness. Flat wire coils can stretch like a Slinky—which is itself a type of flat wire coil. Stretching the coil effects the RF field, allowing for fine-tuning to the right RF level for the application at hand.

Request a quote for your project, or contact HBR Industries, Inc. for more information.