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Flat Wound Wire Coils

HBR Industries, Inc. is one of few wound coil manufacturers capable of producing flat wound coils. Rectangular- or square-profile flat wire is edge wound into custom coil shapes that match our customers’ exact specifications. HBR works with wire gauges from 2" to 42" in diameter, so we can produce your next project no matter how complex your design may be. We can meet the tight tolerances of even the most complex shapes, and consistently deliver the highest quality flat wire coils you’ll find anywhere.


Custom Wire Coils that Meet YOUR Needs

Flat wire coils are commonly used in power inductors, power converters, chokes, and other RF energy devices. Whatever your application, HBR can produce the perfect edge wound wire coil for your needs. We work with all sizes of flat magnet wire and can create custom coils with unusual or nonstandard shapes, close tolerances, and other unique characteristics. There are essentially no limitations to our flat wire coil capabilities.

It is worth noting that, for RF applications, the physical form of a flat wire coil provide a uniquely helpful side effect. Wire coils can stretch and return to their original shape. Stretching the coil can affect the RF field, which allows for fine-tuning of RF levels to meet the needs of a given application.

Custom Wire Designs for Custom Products

Working with wire materials in sizes from 1/8” to 1-1/4”, we will work with your designs to produce flat wire coils that match your exact requirements for fit, form, and function. HBR specializes in turning customer designs into tangible products.

Our focus is on low volume production runs and prototypes. We take pride in the superior quality of our products and in our quick turnaround times. We understand the design requirements and limitations that engineers have to work with, no matter the industry and have the experience and expertise to broker solutions for producing the ideal wire coils for your application while keeping costs low.

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