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custom coil assembly

Custom Coil Assembly and
Turn Key Assembly Solution

silver plated copper air coil and turn key assembly

Silver Plated Copper Air Coil and
Turn Key Assembly Solution

Superior Quality Air Coils

HBR Industries, Inc. manufactures superior quality air coils, made to meet the unique specifications of our customers’ designs. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to meet even the tightest tolerances and deliver the finest custom air coils available.

We can produce RF match coils, plasma coils, air coil inductors, or other specialty air coils. They are commonly used in semiconductors and other unique applications. Working with solid or tube copper, HBR can manufacture air coils to match your exact requirements—there are almost no limitations on the air coils we can create.

In addition to manufacturing your custom air coils, we have the resources to have them plated, should your application require it. Silver, gold, and other specialty materials can be added to improve electrical conductivity or to impart other performance advantages.

HBR specializes in turning customer designs into tangible products. No matter what your project requires, we can manufacture the perfect custom air coil inductors to meet your needs. We can produce custom air coils with unusual or nonstandard shapes, tight tolerances, and other unique characteristics, as your design stipulates. We focus on low volume production runs and prototypes, and pride ourselves on our quick turnaround times and the exceptional quality of our products. Request a Quote today!

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