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HBR Industries,Inc. has the experience and the expertise to produce copper tube coils and copper wire coils for any purpose. Copper is the preferred material for RF coils, cooling coils, and many other coil applications, and we work hard to ensure that the copper coils we manufacture meet our customers’ unique specifications.

Copper tube coils and copper wire coils are especially well-suited for RF applications, and copper cooling coils can transmit liquids, air, or other media to cool equipment of all types. When properly applied, copper tube coils can function conductively and as cooling coils simultaneously. No matter what your application, HBR can create the perfect copper coil.

We commonly work with all sizes of copper wire, and copper tubing up to 1-1/4” in diameter and larger. HBR’s coil bending capabilities allow us to create copper coils that work with design tolerances of the material. We work with all grades and alloys of copper, and we can help you select and obtain the perfect material for your particular application. The extent of our copper coil manufacturing capabilities is nearly unlimited, and we welcome any challenge that your designs may present.

Added Value Secondary Copper Services

We offer a number of secondary services to give added value to your copper tube coils or copper wire coils. We can have your coils plated in silver, gold, electrolytic Nickel or other specialty materials. We have strategic partnerships to provide machining or any addiitonal services to add value to your design.

HBR Industries,Inc. understands the importance of cleanliness in working with copper or any material, and we take great pride in our clean production and handling practices. We do our best to take dirt, grease, oil, and incidental etching out of the equation and deliver finished products of superior cleanliness and quality.

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