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Medical Industry Coil Design & Manufacturing

HBR Industries, Inc. electromagnetic coils, copper cooling coils, and other coil solutions are ideal for use in a wide range of medical equipment. Our products have been used effectively for inductors, transformers, and other power supply products.

The discipline and attention to detail that we put into manufacturing every one of our products enable us to deliver medical components that match the exact specifications of any design. We work with a range of materials, from specialized litz wire to unique components from abroad to meet the required demands of any complex or specialized customer design.

We offer custom coiling like copper cooling coil, electro magnetic coil, and RF coil design assistance, to help make the products you need more easily manufacturable, while retaining all necessary functions and performance capabilities.

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HBR Industries,Inc. delivers superior manufactured products to meet the design requirements of any medical device. Contact us or Request A Quote today to get started on coil solutions for your project.