The Benefits Of Using Heat Exchanger Coils

Heat exchangers are equipment that facilitates the heat transfer process with the aim of either cooling or heating. The use of heat exchanger coils in heat exchangers comes with many benefits especially when the application is for boilers, unit heaters, air conditioning, condensers, or dryers. While some heat exchanger coils may have their own individual benefits, they generally have many advantages in the overall sense. As such, we will be discussing some of the benefits of using heat exchanger coils in heat exchangers in this article. 

Types of Heater Exchanger Coils 

Heat exchanger coils are available in a wide range of types and styles, each of which has its own benefits depending on the type of application you are going for. Examples of the different types of heater exchanger coils include condenser coils, evaporator coils, cold and hot water coils, steam coils, and booster coils. 

They Require Low Maintenance 

One benefit of heat exchanger coils is that they generally only require low maintenance due to the pressure drop being low as a result of the structure of the tubes. Heat exchanger coils are structured in a way that facilitates turbulent flow through fluid, reducing the chances of faulting or the build-up in scales. In the event of a block in the piping system, these heat exchanger coils are easily removable and easily flushable. 

Maximized Heat Transfer Using Less Energy 

Another benefit of heat exchanger coils is that they are designed and fitted with many closely aligned tubes. This design increases the surface area for the heat transfer process, maximizing the efficiency of heat transfer. By maximizing the efficiency of heat transfer, heat production is increased while less energy is being used. This aids in saving on costs and energy. 

Less Expensive and Takes Up Less Space

Heat exchanger coils are also known for their lightweight, upright and compact design since the tubes are wound closely to each other. All these factors result in heat exchanger coils being less expensive and easy to install. They also take up much less space as compared to other heating coils. 

High Flexibility with Many Options

Last but not least, heating exchanger coils have high flexibility leaving you with many options and configurations. As a result, they can be used for different applications and a wide range of temperatures, flows, and pressures depending on the application you are going for. 

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